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:bulletred: Aliases: Having your name be an inanimate object, and often being mistaken for such, isn't exactly flattering. So she much prefers to be called by her nickname, "Telly."

:bulletred: Age: Adult
:bulletred: Alignment: Neutral/Good
:bulletred: Voice:…

:bulletred: Personality: Despite being impudent, pushy, and stubborn, Telly has good intentions, a surprisingly positive outlook, and believes herself to be a good person. However, she is prone to gossip and often just doesn't know where to stop. Maybe it's because she's a little lonely?
No one really calls the operator just to say hello, if you know what I mean.

Although she's pretty easy to make friends with, she's fairly sensitive and may have her feelings hurt easily. And keep in mind that she's not entirely trustworthy. She tends to talk about others behind their backs, and spreads rumors like a wildfire. Or worse, she might rat you out to the press to have your story broadcast on television for all to see. So be warned!
They don't call her a "reliable source" for nothing.

:bulletred: Habits: Since she's alone most days, she passes the time by doing crosswords (even though she's not very good at them), and spreading gossip which may or may not be true. She has a rather short attention span and 24/7 job, so she may fall asleep quite often during the day.

:bulletred: Abilities: Being a literal telephone, she can access pretty much any listening or communication device. This can vary from other telephones, loudspeakers or radios, among other things. She also basically controls the entire Wasteland phone network, and being the only operator, she can listen in on anyone and everyone's conversations.

:bulletred: Flaws: She can be rude and hurtful at times, even when she just means it in jest. In addition, she seems to have little to no concern about the feelings or privacy of her victims of gossip.

:bulletred: Closest Allies:
:iconwdisneyrp-radio: “Ray”
Another minor character in Thru the Mirror, Radio has been a good friend for many, many years. They both share an interest in gossip (Although Ray insists that it’s just “news”), and are always in-the-know of what’s going on in Wasteland.

Mickey is one of the toons Telly has known the longest, since he was the star of her first and only cartoon appearance, Thru the Mirror. Since she lives in the Wasteland replica of his house, she receives and places calls for him there, and basically acts as a secretary of sorts.

Telly seems to be good friends with Clarabelle, as she can often be heard talking to her over the...herself? They both share an interest in gossip and such, although Telly is somewhat less moral about the rumors she spreads.

:bulletred: Enemies:
Let's just say... This is the one thing she doesn't want to talk about.

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WDisneyRP-DaisyDuck Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Oh good I need to use the phone!  *walks over to you*
WDisneyRP-Telephone Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013

Before Daisy could reach it, the phone suddenly started to ring of its own accord. “Huh?! What?” Telly glanced up suddenly, narrowing her eyes in confusion, as if she’d just woken up. “I, uh—“ She straightened and gave a weak little salute, still not quite sure what was going on. “All circuits are busy! Please try your call again later... —Oh! Why, Daisy, it’s you! What’re you doin’ here, sugar?” She was surprised to see her friend face to face, since they usually only communicated over the phone network.

“Hey! You look…Different! I-it’s a good different! New paint job? New, er… hm… everything…?” She blinked in surprise, suddenly noticing the complete lack of animatronic parts. “…Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hang on a second!” She exclaimed with an exasperated hand motion, “You’re not Daisy! …Ah... W-well, I mean, of course you’re Daisy—that is, the real Daisy. You’re just not… the specific Daisy that I thought you were…Yeah.” She laughed nervously. “Um… Did you say you needed a phone? Well, in that case, I’m your girl! Who’re we calling? My name’s Telly, by the way.”

WDisneyRP-DaisyDuck Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
*She smiled at the telephone* ya I am the real Daisy. And its nice to meet you Telly! I wanted to call Donald
WDisneyRP-Esmeralda Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
((Thanks for the fav!))
WDisneyRP-Arthur Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
((Thanks for faving))

"Hello telly mind if I make a message?"
WDisneyRP-Telephone Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
"The number you have dialed-- Oh!" Telly glanced over at the strange woman with a surprised expression. "Sorry, I was thinking about something else. H-have we met before...?" She supposed it was a friend of a friend, as her nickname wasn't exactly common knowledge. 
WDisneyRP-Arthur Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
She cleared her throat her voice becoming that of a twelve year old boy.
"Telly it's me Arthur" he whispered "I need your help, you can contact people everywhere right?"
WDisneyRP-Telephone Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Telly's eyes widened. "Arthur?! W-what happened to you? You're... erm..." She shook her head, at a complete loss for words. "Y-yeah, I've got connections to most Cartoon World hubs. Or at least the ones up until the early nineties; we're still kinda behind the times here. What's going on?"
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WDisneyRP-Brandy Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
*walks around and notices you* Oh perfect, a telephone. *attempts to make a call*
WDisneyRP-Telephone Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
Instead of an operator picking up, the telephone itself began to speak, "Hello, thank you for choosing the Wasteland Telephone Network! May I take your number?" She smiled, and blinked expectantly. 
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